Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Tempted by Snowboard Riot

Usually the WiiWare releases do not interest me much, but Snowboard Riot looks like fun. After unlocking the Snowboard Balance game on my Wii Fit, which is a simple but fun game in which you turn your Wii fit board 90 degrees and slalom through a time trial course.

Wii Fit Snowboard Screen Shot

Shaun White's Snowboarding looks very cool but that is $50! Snowboard Riot is $10 (1000pts) and has an online feature which looks really fun. Here is the description of Snowboard Riot.

It's snowboarding plus weapons. Enough said.
This snowboard racing and
battle game can be enjoyed by multiple players and is compatible with the Wii
Balance Board. In an intense scramble for first place, guide your character down
the slopes while snatching up items to attack and defend against rivals on the
way! Up to four players can battle and participate in various ranking modes via
Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection!

Snowboard Riot Screenshot
Stay tuned to see if I get this WiiWare title, if you have it, leave a comment and let me know what you think!

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