Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Getting back into it & Star Ranking Info

Last night I sat down for a quick hour of Mario Kart. I as able to take my Mii character and the sneakster bike and breeze through the 100cc Retro cups (Shell, Banana, Leaf & Lightning Cups) and get 2 stars on the first three circuits and one star on the Lightning Cup. That unlocked Bowser Jr. I then spent a few minutes playing GBA Shy Guy Beach time trial and shaved about 3 secs off in two attempts. So I believe I am right around 1:33, which said it was an A rank, pretty close to beating the fast staff ghost.

This is the commemorative picture you can send to your message board after you complete and win all the cups!

More on Star Rankings and how to get them:

The following are requirements to get a "One Star", "Two Star", or "Three Star" rank:

Get a final score of 53 or better.
Lead most of the laps.
Stay in first place for a good period of time.
Do a lot of tricks on ramps and other jumps.
Avoid having to use Bullet Bills to catch up. (I have recieved a single star & used a single bullet)

Have overall fast completion time & avoid walls and other obstacles.
Use lots of techniques such as wheelies, avoiding POW Blocks, etc.
Do not fall off edges too much (one or two times is acceptable). If you get hit by a few Blue Shells and still win, this indicates that you are resistant and will probably have a high rank.
A perfect 60 is required for a "Three Star" rank. A "Two Star" rank ranges from 55 to 60. A "One Star" rank is 53 to 60 with most or all of these requirements.
Trying to decide if I want to work on my time trial times or start getting stars on the 150cc cups....

What do you think?


  1. i get a 60 every time,and i also do as much tricks as possible.Im even way way ahead of everybody!I did get a 2 star once but idk how.
    How do u get a three star?!
    Thank You,

  2. Shiilah,

    I have gotten 2 Stars many times but only 3 stars once or twice and I believe they were on 50cc. I have not seen any exact formula, but think of it as a driving test, the cleaner & faster you race the better your score. So every time you hit a wall or a cow, those count against you and take away from your 3 star potential, also I think in general using weapons can hamper your score, ecspeically Stars, bullets, & mushrooms. Speed counts too, the faster your times the better.

    Hope this helps you, just keep racing, getting better and the multiple stars will come!