Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Jacon Joins the Game

150cc - A lot harder than I thought it'd be. After boycotting Mario Kart for the past few days, (after almost throwing my wii remote at the TV for the 3rd time), I'm back in the game.
I was playing WFC on saturday night, and got my butt kicked and many of the points I had accrued stripped from my license.

I'm still in the stages of opening up characters and new karts/bikes.
When I first started playing mario kart wii, I didn't like using the bike.
However, that was until I found out how sweet it was, being able to basically power boost just about anywhere, enables you to be able to finish a race at your best. Now, all I use tends to be the bike, depending on the level of course.

Stay tuned for my Mario Kart journey...

1 comment:

  1. I agree the bikes tend to be faster and pulling wheelies in straight aways is great. The down side is you can get bullied off the tracks easier on the bikes over the karts. So when I am racing Grand Prix I switch back & forth depending on the cup and tracks. Its a tough call on WFC, because the tracks are so random, some are better for karts others bikes.