Sunday, February 15, 2009

Saturday Night Jetsetter

Friday night I was able to get stars on the 150cc Shell, Banana, and Leaf cups. I took one attempt at the Lightning Cup, failed and got tired. So Saturday night, I sat down determined to get that Star. On about my 3rd try with the combo of Funky Kong on the Flame Runner I got a 2 star score.

I actually used the Funky/Flame combo on all 150cc Retro cups except for the Banana, for that I raced Toadette on the Magikruiser bike. That combo seems to be best on off road, so it seems to good for that set of 4 tracks.

So at this point, I have at least one star on all the tracks I had raced, so I went on the WFC to see if I had a star next to my name. Nope!!! Guess I need to get stars on the Mirror cups as well. I got a single star on the Mushroom cup with Peach in the Super Blooper before I raced some friends in Regional WFC. Got my score up to around 6600 before bed.


  1. Oh Mario Kart wizard (or should I say "whizzinator"), I need to know the answer to this question. Does a floating star always accompany Rosalina or is it only there when she was unlocked through gaining stars on all cups and not just unlocked through creating a save file for Mario Galaxy? I unlocked her the hard way and now she has this star that follows her around. I need to know how cool I really am. Please help! R.B.

  2. Based on all that I have read and observed on YouTube it does not matter how you get Rosalina, she always has the Star or Luma over head.

    Check out this link to YouTube video, where it clearly shows she was unlocked as a gift from Super Mario Galaxy and then raced with Star over head -

    It is much cooler to unlock her by getting stars in all Mirror Cups, it would be nice if Nintendo would have differentiated it that way, great idea!