Monday, February 23, 2009

Succesful Kart Sunday

I really did not race much Mario Kart this weekend as I was too busy following the live Internet coverage of the Bassmaster Classic. There was kind of a lull in action on Sunday morning, so I fired up my Wii console.

I had been trying to get a star on the Banana Mirror Cup, this time it I got a star on my first attempt with Toadette and her Magikruiser. So naturally I attempted to tackle the Leaf cup and got a star on my first attempt at that using Funky Kong and the Flame Runner. So with that win, I unlocked the Jet Bubble Bike for small characters.

Since things were going so smoothly this fine morning, I took a shot at the Lightning Cup with the Funky Kong / Flamer Runner combo. I won it, but I think I only got a B Rank. The win still unlocked the Blue Falcon Kart, which I can use with medium characters like my Mii.

The only things left to unlock are the Phantom Bike (Win Special Cup Mirror) and Rosalina (Stars still needed on Mirror Star, Special, Lightning), hopefully later this week!

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  1. I love playing the Wii and recently bought House of the Dead: Overkill from Dixons Entertainment for my husband as he loves gory games. I had a go as well and once I got used to the handgun I did pretty good, but I didn't have that satisfied glee that my husband did when shooting the zombies.