Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Rosalina is Finally Mine!!!

Sunday afternoon I started playing Mario Kart with only the Mirror Special Cup to get a Star Ranking on and Rosalina would finally be mine. Since I was successful with Bowser Jr (not sure why, he is not really fast, quick or stable) & the Super Blooper, I decided to try it again. After about 3 tries, I won the cup with 60pts, had raced pretty clean and had not used much for Super Weapons.

I anxiously clicked through the screens and waited to see if I would get a letter rank or the Star I so desperately sought after.... That split second seemed to take forever, then there it was, a single STAR!!!!

After the obnoxious ending, the game reboots, I click on my license and finally Rosalina is MINE!!!!

I also went into my License details and saw the Star in place of the "A" that I had for so long on my Overall ranking. So it took me a total of 1305 races to get Rosalina. All using the Wii remote and all on Automatic Settings.
Since then I have jumped online and done a little WFC racing, just to see the Star next to my name online, got my WFC Ranking up to 7002 just last night.
So what is left..... Well I plan to put on an assault against my friends Time Trials and try to best all their times so I am leading on Mario Channel among my friends and to keep pushing my score up on WFC. Also, I would eventually like to add that 2nd or 3rd star next to my name on WFC!!
Maybe we should have a pool to see how long before, my Blog Co-Authour, Jacon can get Rosaline????

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  1. In due time, she will be mine. We will have a party. A mario party.