Sunday, March 1, 2009

Closing in on Rosalina...

Friday night I played a little Kart before bed. I kept on playing the Star Mirror cup with my Mii and Super Blooper, kept getting A ranks, so close, finally I started switching characters and bikes to change things up. Finally with Bowser Jr and the Super Blooper, Star status was attained, then went on WFC and got my score up to 6800+. Overall pretty productive evening.

Saturday afternoon we spent some time on our Wii Fit with the family, after that since the Wii was warm, I slid in the Mario Kart disc. I used Funky Kong and the Flame Runner bike to get a star on the Lightning Mirror cup after about 5 trys.

Then some friends came over, we played some Super Mario Party 8. After they left, I fired up Mario Kart again. On my second try with Bowser Jr & Super Blooper I won the Special Mirror cup, but I only got an A rank, with 52pts, very close.

After the win, there was a special ending and a different commemorative photo. That also unlocked the Large Phantom Bike. So now I have everything unlocked except Rosalina. I just need to get that Star Rank on the final Special Mirror Mode cup. That will also give me a star next to my name when I race online. Who knows, maybe tonight I will get it done....

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  1. hiya same here i got every single character except rosalina and i got mario baby too