Friday, March 27, 2009

New Game!

I have been eyeing up Super Mario Smash Bros. for my Wii console. I have never played it or any of the predecessors, but I have read & heard a lot of good things about it. So I been snooping around ebay of late trying to find a good deal on this game.

I had looked at Game Stop and their used version was still $45, which is only a 10% savings, which I think says this is a good game if they can charge that much. And good Wii games never go on sale.

Yesterday at work, I finally won for what i wanted to pay, $26 shipped for Super Mario Smash Bros. on ebay, I feel good about this find! More to come on the game play and what I think of it. I am sure I will have Jacon over to play, we can report on our head to head results.

Speaking of head to head results, I beat Jacon quite regularly in head to head on Mario Kart :)

I also have been bidding on Zelda & Call of Duty games on ebay as well.


  1. It usually seems that way if you only count the times you win...I tend to win at least half of our Mario Kart matches. Soon enough Rosalina will be invited to my Mario Party.

    Can't wait until the Smash Bros. saga begins.

  2. you may "Intend" to win half, but you "tend" to win less then that