Thursday, March 5, 2009

Beat The Game - Credits Roll - Why Wait?

When you finally beat the Lightning Cup and the credits start rolling, the peaceful mario music starts playing and it appears that you have to wait the 3-5 minutes or so for all the credits to roll, until it goes back to the main menu.

Some of us might go make a snack, or take some time to write a blog, maybe go outside and see the sun for 5 minutes...

However, if you just press the '+ button' on your wii remote, it skips through all the credits and brings you to the congratulations menu where your mii is standing there, then it shows what you opened such as a new kart or character. So to ensure you can continue right back into your Mario Kart playing just press +


  1. Great tip, I have been guilty of not knowing this. I have actually powered the game down or hit the home button that takes me back to Wii home screen to avoid sitting there. This will save a bunch of time!

  2. this doesn't work for me, have tried pressing the + button and nothing happens. we still have to wait.

  3. Weird, has worked for me, only time it did not work was when I beat the final Mirror mode cup