Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Worth it!!

I have been toying with the idea of buying component cables for my Wii to connect to my HDTV, rather then the standard AV Cables that the unit comes with. I have had several different packages in my had, whether it be from Best Buy, Target or GameStop, but never quite pulled the trigger.

One of my co-workers got the GameStop brand and said it was amazing the difference for many of his games. End of last week, I came across a deal on eBay that seem to good to be true. I got a pair for $6.99 Free Shipping. For $7, I was willing to take the chance.

They came in the mail yesterday, I tried them out on Super Mario Galaxy and Mario Kart.....

All I can say is... WOW!! Totally worth it, if you have a Wii and HDTV, get the component cables, makes the gaming experience so much better!


  1. My Sharp Aquos is 42" and 1080p, the Wii's top resolution is still only 480, as bad as regular old DVD's. I'll stick with our factory Wii cables.

    These cables will NOT upscale or increase the measly resolution of Wii games, no matter how much you spend on them and tell yourself it visually "looks better."

    The Wii does not upscale either, as some DVD players do...It will never look as good as 780 or 1080 on an HDTV, much like standard def 480 shows look horrendous.

    I have HD DVD and have seen TRUE 1080 signals on my setup and it is Saweeeet! "King Kong", "A Scanner Darkly" & "Aeon Flux" were AWESOME!

    Glad to see you only wasted 7 bucks. ;)

  2. I agree its never going to be 1080 but I believe there is a nice improvement by using component cables on the Wii, and it will not be as good as Xbox360 or PS3, but its a nice enhancement!

  3. i would already be happy with a new tv :) HD or not :P at mine you can't even read text (not becuz its to small, yes its small aswell, but because the screen quality went worse and worse after the years of using). I can't even play burnout normally, not because its hard but becuz i keep crashing against stuff i can't or don't see the road is ending infront of me and stuff like that.