Sunday, April 12, 2009

Carnival Games -- Good way to pass the time

Saturday night we were over at some friends and were playing wii sports bowling. I hadn't played in a while, since once you start getting games that are more robust, you sort of forget about wii sports. After a few games of bowling we were all kind of tired. 

We broke out Carnival Games, which is basically a bunch of mini-games (similar to Mario Party mini-games) that you would see at a Carnival. It's actually pretty fun, easy, and entertaining. There are a bunch of mini-games such as frog toss, dunk tank throw, ring toss, skee ball, etc...

It's definitely a good game to buy for the family, to add to your mix of wii nintendo games. It is something a little different than other games for when you want to play a more low-key but still competitive game. The graphics are good, and the gameplay stays interesting throughout most of it. It's also nice, that you don't get stuck in a long game, you could play 3-4 mini-games and decide to stop playing without feeling like you are quitting in the middle of something. 


  1. Hi,

    Nintendo video games are very popular, one of the most played has been Sega Bass Fishing. While not new to the arcade market, the new version put out by Nintendo for the Wii has sold millions of copies. This game was originally put out in the 1990s, but has evolved to a very realistic version that many have said has brought back childhood memories of a local bass tournament, or just a day at the river with friends.

  2. Plus unlike many wii games, you can play sitting down, which sometimes you are just too lazy to swing and bat or hop on the balance board...