Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Two New Games!

Since eBay was so good to me last time I wanted a new game, I started prowling around on for some good deals on two other games that I wanted.

I was able to get a brand new in the plastic wrap Shaun White Snowboarding - Road Trip for $27 shipped, what a great deal, save me over $15 off of retail when you count tax & gas to go get the game.

I also score a very lightly used copy of Super Mario Galaxy for $28 & change, a solid $10 savings off of what a used copy would go for at GameStop or other.

So the moral of the story, is check eBay for your game needs and come back to learn more about these games as I play them!!!
Other games I am considering are:
Call of Duty
Tiger Woods 09
Do any of you have any good Wii game recommendations?


  1. Hasbro Game night, the one with Boggle. Duh!!

    Oh, AND that surgery game.

  2. Boy those do sound SUPER FUN.....