Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Grabbed Punch-Put for Wii!!

I got 2 more nunchuks for my Wii for Christmas as gifts, which totaled 4. I could not think of a good reason to keep all 4. The only thing I know that I could use 4 nunchuks for would be Wii Sports Resort Archery and you don't actually use them simultaneously, so I decided to exchange them for a game.

2 Nunchuks in Store Credit + $10 = Punch-Out as my newest game!

I played it a bit the first night, and tried with nunchucks and with turning the wii-mote sideways. Using just the remote seemed more intuitive because of the buttons one needed to push and leaning with the joystick on the nunchuck, much different then boxing on Wii Sports. I have not tried with balance board yet, I will do that soon.

I breezed through the minor cirucuit, and cruised pretty easily until I got to Great Tiger fight, it took me like 6 tries to beat him. So far a fun play, I look forward to trying the multi-player feature when some friends are over. More to come on this game.

Also, I decided that I really need a Call of Duty Game for Wii, so I am actively bidding on Wii titles on ebay to get a good deal on one.

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  1. Been bidding on both World at War and Modern Wargare Reflex for Wii, I got a Call of Duty: World at War for about $30!! Should get it in the mail this week