Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Racing Tricks & Tips for Mario Kart

So now you are racing, having fun, but trying to get a leg up in the Grand Prixs or on the WFC, here are a few trips to help you post more wins.

Get a Quick Boost from the Starting Line

Ever wondered how some players get a boost at the start of every race in Mario Kart Wii? By pressing and holding the accelerate button ("2" on the Wii remote) right when the number "2" on the countdown is disappearing, or watch his hand when its at about 11 o'clock position as he says 2.

Get a Boost After Returning from a Fall

In some cases, falling off the edge of a course in Mario Kart Wii can quickly send a player from first to last place. In order to make falls a little less painful to their position in a race, players can press the accelerate button ("2" on the Wii remote) at the exact moment they hit the ground upon returning to the course. This provides a temporary boost.

Do a Special Trick, Get a Temporary Boost

One of the best ways to the move to the front of the pack in Mario Kart Wii -- or to cut some seconds off one's Time Trial time -- is to do a special trick after any jump or bump in the road in Mario Kart Wii. This can be done by lifting up the Wii Wheel as one is going into mid-air. Special tricks aren't just for looks - they provide a temporary boost when one hits the ground.

Avoid Blue Shells

This is not that practical of a tip, because you rarely have a mushroom when in first. Blue shells (which cause the person in first place, and anyone around that player, to spin out of control) are one of the most annoying items in Mario Kart Wii. Fortunately, there is a solution -- if one is lucky enough to have a mushroom in his or her arsenal, using the mushroom at the exact moment before the blue shell would normally crush the player will allow the player to avoid the "dreaded blue shell." Also, if your time is right going though the cannons on a few of the boards can escape you from the shell as well. Another thing, sometimes you can slow down and let someone pass you and they will get hit or atleast get blown up by the explosion, so you share the pain.

Dodge POW Blocks

When players launch the "POW Block" power-up, most players will both spin out of control and lose their items. Though one will still lose items he or she does, one can prevent spinning out of control and thus losing speed by lifting up one's Wii controller (as if he or she were attempting a special trick) at the exact moment before the POW Block would normally hit the player.

Alternatively, those players in the middle of a long jump or a special trick will not be affected by the POW blocks.

Block Green and Red Shells

The people near the front of the pack get progressively worse power-ups -- generally, banana peels, green shells and red shells. However, one can use these weapons to his or her advantage by pressing and holding down the left or right direction button once one receives the power-up and, thus, dragging the weapon behind the kart or bike. This way, if one sends out a green or red shell at the player, the shell will be blocked.

Warning: Fake item boxes and bob-ombs can be dragged behind the player, but they do not block weapons. Instead, if the player is hit by a weapon, the player will then hit his own fake item box, or be blown up by her own bob-omb. You can also use the up or down button to throw most items forward or backwards.

Wipe out the Blooper's Ink

The blooper, one of the most annoying weapons originally introduced in Mario Kart DS and brought back in Mario Kart Wii, sprays ink on each player's vehicle, thus making it harder to see the screen. However, by activating a mushroom or hitting a boost in the road, one can wipe the ink off his or her screen.

Utilize these tips to dominate your friends!!!

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