Monday, January 26, 2009

Getting Started on Mario Kart

Mario Kart is pretty much plug & play fun for single or multiple players. For starters, check out this nice short Game Review.

One cool feature, you are allowed 4 licenses to store info and keep records, so that means 4 different players. You can link your license to your Mii that you have created on your console. So I would try to limit your licenses for your primary players and maybe tag one for guests. Your license is important for unlocking tracks and characters as you achieve certain goals.
Some basic things about the characters, first of all, none are created equal, they all have their unique characteristics when it comes to weight, handling, speed, acceleration, turbo boosts, etc. They are lumped into three size categories (small, Medium, Large). That mainly sets the karts and bikes that they can utilize, also larger characters tend to push smaller characters around the track a little more. You start out with 12 Characters and they each have 3 Karts & 3 Bikes to use. Black font Characters are standard, Red characters need to be unlocked through play.

Baby Daisy
Baby Luigi
Baby Mario
Baby Peach
Dry Bones
Koopa Troopa

Bowser Jr.
Diddy Kong

Donkey Kong
Dry Bowser
Funky Kong
King Boo

There are also two Mii outfits that you can unlock, that let you race as your Mii, which is a lot of fun. As far as size of Mii, it used the height of your Mii character to decided if you are a small, medium or large Kart driver.

I would suggest firing up the Grand Prix series to get started and try win the Gold on those in the 50CC to unlock additional boards and characters. The speed and computer's (AI) artificial intelligence are very manageable in 50CC, pretty easy to get started and have success. 50cc sets a strong base for moving up as well as online play, plus once you drive 100cc and 150cc, going back to 50cc will be very boring and if you do not play them, you will not get all characters and bikes unlocked.

More entries on how to unlock all characters, chracter performance, online play, and Time Trial info to come....

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