Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Finally something good from Nintendo Club Rewards

When I first got my Wii, I bought and received a handful of games that I could register on Club Nintendo and get "Coins". I looked a few times with the 220 coins I had, mostly stickers, posters, screen savers and other stuff I had no use for.

Now you can actually download Wii Ware games to your console with your coins. So today I downloaded Super Mario Kart for 100 coins, this game and 3 others are available until Jan 10. Thought about downloading Mario Vs. Donkey Kong but I think I may wait to see if other games become available in the future. Xevious & Fluidity are the other two games right now.

So maybe this will get me to play my Wii a little more over the holidays!


  1. The best selling game of nintendo game for Nintendo Wii is now finally being released in the US at the beginning of April in 2012.

  2. This game ended up being a bit dull, they made great strides when they came out with N64 version!

  3. Mario is the very popular and the best selling game of Nintendo. People really like to play this game, but they also like to play the Donkey Kong.

  4. Mario and Donkey Kong they both are good games to play and i play these both games. As per my view Mario is the better and more interesting game than the Donkey Kong.