Thursday, November 10, 2011

Top 11 Hot Gift List: Gaming

Top 11 Hot Gift List: Gaming Gift Guide
Hottest Games, Consoles & Accessories for 2011 Holiday Season!


1. Battlefield 3 (Playstation / XBOX360) Highly anticipated game released in October; this game is one of the blockbuster releases

2. Call of Duty Series

Just released: Call of Duty is the other monster first person shooter release this season

3. Super Mario Brothers Accessories Super Mario T-shirts & plush toys are hugely popular

4. Wii Controllers (Nunchuk / Zapper Gun) Take your Wii gaming to the next level with these.

5. Batman Arkham City (Playstation / XBOX360) The hugely popular new sequel to Batman Arkham Asylum!

6. Xbox 360 Live Subscriptions Xbox Live subscriptions are great holiday gifts, allowing online play for all your gamers

7. Forza Motorsport 4 (XBOX 360) The biggest new driving game this year for the Xbox

8. Gears of War 3 (XBOX 360) Released Oct 24th exclusively for the Xbox.

9. Xbox 360 Console Xbox 360 is the only gaming console to make the top 10 list

10. Rage (Playstation / XBOX 360) Hot new first-person shooter game released Oct 4.

11. Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit (Playstation / XBOX 360) BAFTA award-winner & only 2010 game to earn a place on the top products list

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