Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Wii Sports Resort - Downplayed Hype - Still Worth it!, Buy it!

Jacon's Review -- Downplayed Hype - Still Worth it!, Buy it!

Okay so I don't quite own the game yet, but from the 10-15 minutes worth of playing I already know that this game could most likely be a homerun. 

My only real concern is that Nintendo Wii is not promoting this game like they should be. 

Not even 6 months ago it was a rat race to Target or Best Buy to snatch up the 10 new Wii Fit's or Mario Kart's that came in on the new truck, but for some reason this game doesn't seem to have the similar "hype" around it like the other games. I'm not sure if it is just the timing and that they should have waited for the Christmas season or if this is a sign of the economy - however, I think Nintendo needs to use their own pointers from the past and promote this game some more, so that the lonely 10-15 games that I saw on the shelf the other day get purchased and played.

That said....as I wrote above, this game is pretty cool. It involves the Wii Motion Plus Remote Control, which attaches to the bottom of your current controller and comes with the game when you purchase it. 

This controller enables more "real like" game play. For example, earlier today I was playing a basketball 3-pointer game and it was more challenging since you have to actually hold the controller and shoot the basketball as if you were shooting a real basketball....so no more sitting on the couch while bowling..(yeah I've gotten lazy lately when it comes to that game). 

However I think this is genious on Nintendo's part. It brings a more interesting and challenging aspect into the simple games that everyone loves. I think this game will catch on eventually, but might need the help of some heavy promotion. 

Also interesting is that the game comes with a new jacket/sleeve for your remote, since the motion plus piece will not fit in a standard wii remote jacket....This will most likely cause some new cool Wii Accessories to come out on the market as well...we'll have to keep our eye out for those to see how they accommodate Wii Sports Resort and other games that utilize the Wii Motion Plus. 

Stay tuned for a full review on Wii Sports Resort when I purchase it in the next few weeks. But for now.... Jacon's review is Downplayed Hype - Still Worth it!, Buy it!


  1. I agree, got this game for my Birthday, very fun so far. If you like original Wii Sports, you will love the expanded resort game.

  2. You won't be disappointed with Wii Sports Resort. The Bowling game is so addictive. it was included with my Black Wii Limited Edition :)